Wednesday, 31 October 2018
How I put 'Autumn' into a simple OOTD.

How I put 'Autumn' into a simple OOTD.

I wanted to share with you a simple outfit I put together for a COSTA trip! I love Autumn so much and autumnal oranges are really in right now.

 First of all I know that this outfit is a little OTT for a Costa trip but I am not one to hold back for anybody. I watched a video the other day which said 'dress like a party everyday and the party will come to you' (watch) and I could not agree more.

As an overview, I chose to wear a Primark Trench style coat in a gorgeous dusk orange colour, a primary denim skirt- a slightly more muted orange, an Armani top to draw add depth to the outfit, new look lace up platform boots and oil spill round glasses. Now that is the basics and the basics only.

So lets get deeper 

'That' Jacket ... A Jacket is a great way to spice up any outfit you wear. It provides you with opportunity for layers, warmth and experimentation. I felt rather out of my comfort zone wearing it, which made it so brave and warming to me. The colour really draws attention to Autumn, the burnt bonfire kind of feel and the coherence with the leaves which lay on the ground during the season- it is just.. magical. Trench coats or at least categorically similar coats are very popular in the season as they keep you warm but aren't too fleecy- this really did make my outfit what it was.

The Skirt ... Denim skirts are really in style right now, especially within the student trends. Whichever store you go to, you are bound to find a great selection of staple skirts- particularly denim ones. Primark have an amazing selection of skirts for this season, all of which have different styles, colours, materials and you can find almost anything to suit your needs (the majority of which are £8)! I picked this as I thought it would partner well with sixth form life, as I put all of my energy needed for school work into getting ready itself... oops. The colour again attracted me as it represented the 'fall' look. The material is soft, cosy and warm so even with the chills of the season you continue to feel warmth. I paired it with my jacket as I always try and partner at least 2 items of clothing in an outfit together to show structure.

Why this top? In contrast too block colour I wanted something different. In this instance, the matching skirt and coat would be destroyed with a patterned tee so I needed something graphic. I chose the Armani top as it added (unnecessary) expense to the outfit, making it look more designer and put together. The white contrasted with the orange colours, adding brightness and life to the whole outfit. The black of which connected with the boots adding subtle but clever partnership. 

Sunglasses, in Autumn? Believe it or not, it is sunny in Autumn! In fact I find it one of the brightest times of the year with the consistent golden hour. I chose to incorporate 'fall' to the accessory with a tortoise shell frame choice, the orange bringing something again to autumn colours. The oil spill added a pop of colour to the outfit so I didn't look completely drowned in dullness. 

The boots guarding the puddles of both rain and the floods of compliments You would not believe just how many compliments I have had on these boots, and if I was looking at them I would be envying them too. I got these last year in new look, they are black platform boots with a 4" heel. Although suede, the platform lifts the shoe from the ground so they don't get dirty - they are wearable all year round (even winter due to its grip). They lace up and they look gorgeous. I love boots in the Autumn and I am not the only one, but these? These are to die for. I am not 100% sure but I do want to say that these are around £25-£30 (totally worth it).

So thats it I guess for my simple but classy OOTD, what was your favourite thing about this outfit?

Comment below,

All the Love,

Ella x 

How 'Tea Tree' has changed my life.

How 'Tea Tree' has changed my life.

We all envy smooth, airbrushed skin but when reality hits us straight in the face we learn one thing - it will never happen. However, we do have multiple products, herbs and chemicals which can help smooth our skin a little.

I have to admit, when it comes to skincare I am actually awful at keeping up with a daily regime. No matter how much I buy or how motivated I am to work towards skin as smooth as a babies bums- nothing ever sticks! However.. a few months ago I did pick up 'The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser'. After browsing through Westgate, eager to spend my money, I came across The Body Shop.

Now I love love love The Body Shop but their prices can range. This bad boy? £6.00. Yes £6.00.

Is it to good to be true? maybe. Was it? No.

I had never even discovered Tea Tree Oil before but this changed my life.

5 Reasons I love this product

1. No matter how often I use it or when I use it, this always smooths and softens my skin instantly. I don't know how it does it, but it does. It takes about 5 minutes for it to settle into my skin, but it smoothes the texture of my skin instantly for 48 hours. If I were to use it everyday I would never had drey feeling skin ever again.

2. A little goes a long way. I learnt this the first time I used it, I used one pump and I looked like a cloud?! Half a pump will do 1/2-1 whole of my face. You really don't need much at all for this to dissolve perfectly into my skin. 

3. It really does cleanse your skin! When I ran out of make-up remover and I was running around like a scared cat as I was trying to get ready for work, I needed to find something which would help me! 'Cleanser'. Hmmm cleanser, surely this would help remove the excess makeup settled and buried deep into my skin..? It did, oh it did. It took a pump or 2 but within 3 or 4 minutes my skin was as clean as a rich mans car, this saved me! 

4. It is instant. It really is instant, which is perfect for clumsily routinal people like me. I pull this product out as soon as I need fairly decent skin and it works all the time. Of course this would be better as a daily product, but so far I haven't had any disappointments using it even when my skincare routine is almost non existent - there is always a difference!

5. It is so affordable... I am still in shock at the price. £6 is drugstore price and this is a product purchased from a highly recognisable skincare brand, impressive, and it works. 

So, what do I think of it?

I adore this product and I will definitely be trying and reviewing more tea tree skincare, especially from bath and body works. Tea tree oil is natural and very good for your skin, with little fragrance. It is cheap and affordable and genuinely works wonders. The oil itself is definitely the magic within this product and it really has changed my skin and the way I sculpt my skincare routine. I can't find any faults at all.

Is it worth it? Yes.

What do I think of it? This is liquid magic, and I am living for it.

Ella x

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